Your partner-in-solution for sustainability.

About Us


ERSEL is active in four different, complementary sectors:

  • Mobile GSM Solutions
  • Trailers
  • Airport Ground Support Equipment
  • Renewable Energy Solutions

ERSEL was established in 1998, in Istanbul, Turkey, as a GSM Solutions Provider. Thanks to our visionary technical leadership and innovative products, the company has become a national market leader in this sector, with a focus on Mobile Base-Station Solutions (“Cell on Wheels”), working with all three GSM providers, Turkcell, Vodafone, and Avea. Since 2000, we have expanded to international grounds, delivering to customers in Europe and East Asia. Trailers, the base component of Cell on Wheels, were integrated into our product line in early 2000’s. Since then, we have also been designing and manufacturing specialized/custom trailers for a broad range of use. Another act of integration was in Renewable Energy Stations. ERSEL developed self-energized, sustainable GSM base stations mostly at remote areas, powered by renewable (wind or solar) energy. Finally, in 2012, we decided to enter the aviation industry, focusing on Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE), which we determined as a great fit to our accumulated knowledge and experience on design/manufacturing of speciliazed vehicles and equipment.Today we provide ground support equipment (designed and manufactured in-house) to both local and international customers, such as Turkish Airlines, Turkish Ground Services, and Gold Air Handling. Our target is to repeat our success stories in GSM and Trailer sectors, by becoming a reliable and innovative GSE supplier – or better said, a “GSE Solution Partner”.

We measure our success by the high quality relationships we build with our customers. The definition of “high quality” is based on three factors: Reliability, Sustainability, and Satisfaction. Our target is to become “Partners-in-Solution” with a focus on active listening in order to gain deep understanding about real-time needs.
We believe that machines are only means to an end, whereas employees are the real enablers of our performance. Self-motivation, hands-on-management, and open communication are the source of our energy. We work as “Partners-in-Action”.
We strongly distinguish the act of “just delivering products” from “delivering solutions”. We take pride in solving existing or emerging problems from an innovative point of view. Our interpretation of innovation is not simply to force or to come up with “new” ideas, but to always create “better solutions”, without compromising the economics of the product.
As much as “Quality” has become a cliche deliverable in almost any industry, we are more interested in its sustainability. The source of the pride that we take in our solutions, lies deep in our desire to achieve exceptional lifetime. This mind-set helps us to stay on top and in touch with the end-users’ evolving problems.