Your partner-in-solution for sustainability.

Our Qualitiy Policiy

Our business model recognizes our customer as an important business partner and according to that we realize the fact that the quality standards in our work are also set by our customers so we aim to achive %100 customer and stakeholder satisfaction in each step. To reach this goal;
  • To always monitor our customer centric operations to upgrade and improve when necessary in order to achieve sustainability.
  • To produce efficient and quality input with flexibility and creativity in order to achive maximum customer satisfaction.
  • To lower and control our production costs without forsaking quality.
  • To achive efficient and effective production with creativity and flexibility for maximum customer satisfaction.
  • To be fully complient with business ethic and social values.
  • To see our suppliers as our business partners and provide them with opportunities which they are going to benefit greatly.
  • To help our departments to set their own strategies, goals and performance indicators
  • To continually train our employees in accordance with our goals while giving them opportunities to achive self growth.

For the indispensable natural environment which our company functions inside:

  • To be fully compliant with all the local and national laws for the protection of the natural environment and to be committed to act in accordance with these regulations.
  • To always consider the environmental impact of our products and production processes and preventing pollution at its source.
  • To achieve efficient use of resources such as water usage and creating conservation measures in our production processes, electricity, carbon fuels and various other limited resources.
  • To educate all employees to achieve success in the protection of the natural environment and continuously work to earn individual responsibility.

Our Certificates