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Airport Ground Support Equipment

In 2012, ERSEL has entered the Airport Ground Support Equipment industry. Today we design and manufacture GSE solutions in-house. Our current portfolio consists of baggage/cargo carts, conveyor belts, container / pallet dollies, passenger stairs, self propelled belt loadersand is rapidly expanding towards higher-end products and green technology.

ERSEL’s know-how and experience in mobile vehicles and trailers add value to GSE, especially in introducing better solutions for typical problems of daily airport ground operations.

We continue to apply our philosophy of being a “Solution Partner” to GSE providers, and develop solutions together with the customer. We have been working with and delivering to a global set of valuable customers, such as Turkish Airlines, Turkish Ground Services, Goldair Handling (Greece/Athens)

Baggage / Cargo Trailer
Passanger Stairs
Lavatory and Water Service Vehicles
Special Products


Since 1998, ERSEL provides solutions to GSM Operators in order to enhance their infrastructural and operational efficiencies. ERSEL is particularly specialized on Mobile GSM Base Stations (MGSM), which provide quick and effective alternatives to stationary base stations. We modify vehicles such as trucks, vans, or 4×4’s and convert them in to Mobile Base Stations according to our customers’ needs. We refer to these products as “Cell on Wheels”.
Cell On Wheels
Panelvan Mobile Base Station
Truck / Pickup Base Mobile Station
Trailer Base Mobile Station
New Generation GSM Container
Special Container Base Station


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Open Case Trailer
Closed Case Trailer
Vehicle Transport Trailer
Machinery Transport Trailer
Tipper Trailer

Renewable Energy

Solar power is the most popular renewable energy source in use. Sunlight, with the help of photovoltaic cells, is converted directly in to DC electricity. Photovoltaic cells can consist of various types of semiconductors such as Silicon, Gallium Arsenide, Cadmium Telluride, or Copper Indium.

In the last two decades, renewable energy has become a rising priority and a viable alternative to fossil fuels. New technology allows lower fixed costs and higher operational efficiency along with a much broader range for implementation. At ERSEL, we feel responsible to help preserve and sustain our environment for future generations. We have been using renewable power systems in our mobile BTS systems and we expanded our product portfolio to include small and large size off-grid wind and solar power systems.

Solar Energy
Wind Energy