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Cell On Wheels

Since 1998, ERSEL provides solutions to GSM Operators in order to enhance their infrastructural and operational efficiencies. ERSEL is particularly specialized on Mobile GSM Base Stations (MGSM), which provide quick and effective alternatives to stationary base stations. We modify vehicles such as trucks, vans, or 4×4’s and convert them in to Mobile Base Stations according to our customers’ needs. We refer to these products as “Cell on Wheels”.

Utilization of Cell on Wheels:

As a result of fierce competition and high growth, GSM operators invest continuously in ways of delivering more efficient and effective communication services to their present and future customers. Strong and sustainable coverage is a key attribute of why a GSM operator is chosen by the end customer.Stationary base stations are usually not a preffered and economic option in areas where significant crowds are present only temporarily and they are vulnerable to extreme local weather or other natural conditions. Mobile Base Stations deliver fast, practical, and economic alternatives to stationary stations under many circumstances:

1) Natural Disasters
2) Concerts, Festivals, Conferences, Sports Events
3) Touristic Areas with seasonal extremes in population
4) Rural or Protected Natural Areas
5) Areas with significantly high property rental prices

MGSMs not only require minimum set up times, but by utilizing them GSM operators become more flexible as mobile stations can be relocated quickly to any point where demand peaks temporarily. There are different size and class of vehicles according to varying needs, such as stronger coverage (taller towers or satellites on trucks), challenging terrains (4x4s with towers), or inner city utilization (vans with shorter towers).

The ratio of GSM subscribers to total population in Turkey is 90% and the market becomes even more competitive as new GSM providers continue entering. In Turkey there are approximately 1.500 mobile base stations in use, significantly more than many other developed countries. ERSEL’s current local market share in mobile base stations is 90% and we are equipped & focused on expanding beyond our local reach, to global markets.

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