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Panelvan Base Mobile Stations

  • Typically utilized for short term operational needs
  • Quick & Easy manufacturing
  • Flexible set-up configurations

During the conversion process of the vehicle to a MGSM, seperated with a wall, the cabin is partitioned in two sections: the power generation system and the operational systems. This seperation helps to eliminate any undesired feedback (noise, heat, vibration) from one system to the other. The whole interior of the cabin is thermally insulated for optimal function of the systems and each section is independently climatized for optimal working conditions. The deck of the van is designed to enable adequate space and a secure working area for the operator. Upon the customer’s choice, the pole can be either Aluminum or Chrome, with a maximum height of 9 meters. All cables and other support devices are installed according to a detailed and carefully designed plan. The vehicles are equipped with four hydraulic legs (one at each corner) with a load capacity up to 3 tons per leg. The legs stabilize the MGSM as a whole and minimize pole-swing.

Flexibility is one of our strengths. We present a list of options that you can choose from, so that we can deliver the best Van solution to you:

Van purchased and converted by ERSEL, and the final product is delivered to you.

We can also work on any vehicle from your local market. You choose the van; deliver it to us, and we convert it to a MGSM, most approriate to your local needs.

What if you would like to use a vehicle with custom//local dimensions? No problem. We can build a fully utilized and customized MGSM trailer for you. All you have to do is to mount it on the vehicle at your site.

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