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Underground Container

Ideal solutions for recreation parks or roadsides, where surface structures are not preferred as a source of visual pollution.

Product Design
The wall of the container consists of 1.5mm galvanized sheets at the core layer, frames with 60x60x2 profile in the middle, and the whole exterior of the container is covered by 3mm thick metal sheet panels. The container is waterproofed by welding all connecting edges tightly and all outer surfaces are coated with special paint as the structure is supposed to remain underground for years. Typical overall dimensions are 2x2x2 meters.
Container Bottom Drainage
Overtime, water can accumulate beneath the container and push it upwards, causing it to surface out. Perforated pipes mounted at the bottom of the container drains the water through an 80mm iron pipe to the surface.

Access Hatch

The container access hatch is thermally insulated.

Access Hatch Lock

The hatch can be secured by a lock.


SThe ventilation system contsists of four fans. Two fans provide air suction and the other two works compatible with the principle of free cooling.

Submersible Pumps

The system has two submersible pumps that operates automatically with DC power. The pumps are supported by batteries and continue to operate in case of power outages. There are check-valves at the outlet of the pumps in order to prevent external from entering the system.

Bottom Stand

Despite all measures above to protect the system from water-lifting, the bottom stand is designed with vertical offset as further protection.

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