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New Generation GSM Container

  • Lower output costs
  • Higher durability
  • Easier use

The pace of technological development in the GSM sector has been so high that most of today’s related products were unpredictable just 15 years ago. GSM Containers, however, has not changed significantly since they were initially introduced. At ERSEL, we challenged this lack of development and created a better-than-ever container. Our New Generation GSM Container is designed with more resistant and lighter products, which fulfills the same purpose as a traditional container, for lower ouput costs, higher durability, and easier use.

Floor Installation Legs

There are pre-drilled holes at the legs, which help to easily stabilize the container to the ground with specially designed screws and achieve a strong foundation.


The chassis can be easily disassembled and reassembled. It is designed to carry a load of 10kg/m2 and its construction is particularly strengthened against twisting.

Aluminium Assembling Elements

Aluminium Assembling Elements

Special designed Aluminium Profiles; Profiles has been designed to enable easy and stable installation. Brackets have been manufactured reducing the coefficient power 5 times. Capscrews are galvanized coated and are resistant against corrosion. In addition, M6 capscrews are torque headed for easy application and are stabilized by cutting a screw threat with the guiding feature.


The roof has been well designed against especially water isolation. Environmental factors and physical changes may damage the roof isolation within years. In order to avoid such damage,seal ringsare placed to prevent being exposed to sunlight and capscrews and isolation fluids are made of materials retaining their elasticity never to lose it. In addition to all measures against water leakage, a second layer of roof has been placed as an extra precaution. Water isolation is vital for GSM containers and there is no tolerance for any kind of mistake.


When designing the new generation GSM containers one of our prime motivations was to terminate any kind of problems that has rose until today. However it was not enough and we felt the urge to develop new mounting technologies to overcome the speed and requirements of today.

All of the accessories we offer are designed in accordance with the container sizes and enables a fast and secure installation.

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